Labels and equipment, including printer equipment, tags, produce labels, labels on a roll, and label printer machines.

Four Color Process

We offer competitive pricing and many materials to make your labels stand out from the rest.

Achieve accurate and repeatable high-quality color printing for your custom labels. All color separations are laid down simultaneously in a single pass on the substrate, creating perfect color-to-color registration – even on heat-sensitive materials.

Barcode and Tags
Our high quality tags provide that extra promotional power to make your products stand out. They can be printed on both sides using paper or film to fit your needs.

Types of Tags: Peel Reseal, Wrap Label, Booklet Label, Clean-peel, Fold-outs, Neck Tags

RFID Labels

Our RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) compliance labels are labels that can exchange data electronically through to a RFID reader. RFID labels are mainly used for identification and tracking purposes. We offer a wide variety of options to select from. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Approved Material

Labeling compliance is a business critical item within the RPC industry at large. Correct labels are insured when using our easily removable 4×2 RPC labels. We provide RPC approved materials for your labeling needs.

PTI Labels

PTI labels are used to track and document from field to store. PTI labels provide descriptions, variety, color, pack configuration, and a barcode to ensure safety of foods and to let you know who is buying and selling your product.

​All fresh produce packing applications including:

​Field – PTI Field Labeling shows specific information and includes a field number, lot number, and a date. These can be applied manually or by using automation. These labels are designed to withstand every process from field to store.

Shed Pack – PTI Shed Pack Labels are made for growers. These labels provide the growers information to the packing plants. Each field packed unit shipped to a packing plant is uniquely identified to assist packers in assigning batch and lot numbers.

Processing – Once field packed products are harvested, it is critical to chill them as soon as possible, as exposure to heat will diminish product life and result in spoilage. Labeling at the cooler could overwhelm the receiving and shipping processes, jeopardizing the shelf life and quality of the product. A labeling system would need to be devised such that it doesn’t conflict with the incoming and outgoing flow of produce shipments.


Wax Ribbons
Wax ribbons contain a high percentage of wax-based materials in the colorant substance. Since waxes have lower melting points than resins, printing with wax ribbons usually requires less energy than printing with wax/resin or resin ribbons.

Resin Ribbons
Printing with resin ribbons requires more energy than printing with other ribbons. Resin images have excellent abrasion, scuffing, heat, and chemical resistance. They provide the best performance in harsh environmental conditions. They are best suited for use with gloss-coated materials.


We offer a wide variety of different printers including the following: Industrial Printers, Desktop Printers, Mobile Printers, Print Engines, RFID Printers, Value Line

Print and Apply

We offer comprehensive print and apply solutions, featuring label automation systems for manufacturing, warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment.

Stock Items

We have many blank labels on-shelf available to ship same-day.

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